Programmes Offered. 
Programmes are offered in the language of choice.
French only, English only or Bilingual.

We are open from, 7:15a.m.-6:15p.m. 

Description of programmes.

Description of programme

Start and ends

5Full days

7:15a.m. -6:15p.m.



7:30a.m. 6:00p.m.

4 Full days




5 half days

8:30a.m. 11:15a.m.

Information for students attending à half day programme.

These students do not arrive prior to 8:20a.m.

They must be picked up by 11:20a.m.

Any student picked up after subject to a late payment charge of a  Dollar per minute just like the students picked up after 6:00p.m. Attending a full day    programme.

No lunch is served to half day students.

Extra Curricular Activities


  Momentum Collective offers performances and classes in acrobatics and yoga.



Registration is an ongoing process at our school since every student does not turn two and a half at the same time.

It is preferable that your child be toilet-trained.

The Academy Montessori of greater Montreal reserves the right to accept or reject any applications and also to request withdrawal of any child if it is, in the opinion of the teacher and administrator, that the program is not suitable for the student in question. This action is for the benefit of the child or the benefit of the class as a whole.

As a condition of acceptance at, The Academy Montessori of greater Montreal it is understood that the rules and regulations of the school are adhered to by the parents.

Academy Montessori du grand Montreal is a private daycare, however parents are eligible for Provincial and Federal tax rebates/credits. Information on these credits can be found at Government of Quebec portal on the Revenue Quebec website. The Academy Montessori du grand Montreal  is licenced by the Ministère de la Famille and follows all government guidelines and regulations respecting daycare centers.

There is no reduction in monthly fees due to absenteeism, professional activity days, (PA) March break, Christmas holidays or school closure due to extreme weather. We strongly suggest that parents make alternate care arrangements well in advance for their child so that they are prepared for their child’s illness, PA days, and possible school closures.

Open houses:

The open house will be held, each Thursday before Valentine’s day of the year.

Preference is given to siblings.