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November 01, 2021.

Dear Parents, Friends and Well-wishers,

It is unbelievable that we are already into our third month at school.
We have made it through the crying month of September, the hectic month of October, School pictures and all the projects for Thanksgiving and Halloween.
The Halloween party was terrific, and it was a pleasure seeing all our students in their adorable costumes.
Just a reminder, if a student will be absent from class, the school must be
informed by 9:00a.m. If a student is away from school for more than a week a medical certificate is mandatory when the child returns to school.
A word about the homework. Please guide your child to do it by him/herself.
November is really, a month for lessons. Santa is very anxious to visit all his friends at the Academy in December. Our students are looking forward to Santa’s arrival.
Parents please take note of all the different presentations for each age group and the due dates of each presentation.
Now that the days are getting colder, no scarves for the children. This is a directive from the government of Quebec. Extra gloves, socks and underwear should be available in each child’s cubby-hole for an emergency. It does not matter that your child is all grown up and you think it is not necessary. Make sure that the necessary clothes are available for your child. Every piece of clothing brought to school, must have your child’s name, on it. If you receive any clothing from the school that does not belong to your child, kindly put it in the appropriate cubby-hole.
If you have any concerns please talk to the administration and we will put you in touch with the teacher who can talk to you about your concern.
Please come prepared with your list of concerns for the parent -teacher meetings.
The school uniform is mandatory for all our students every day of school. We understand that Unimage has had a problem delivering the uniforms on time because of the Covid epidemic. Kindly dress your children in Navy Blue Clothes until the company delivers your orders.
Running shoes in white or Dark Blue only.
Friday is not a dress down day. The student wears the specified gym outfit from Unimage only!

We thank the parents who always have, genuinely good things to say about our staff. It is encouraging, and it helps foster good relations with the staff and yourselves too.
We do appreciate the parents who always ask us,
‘What can we do to make it easy for you? Do you need volunteers?
All of you do make it easy for all of us each day.

Best Wishes,

Ms. Rosemarie Rodrigoe


November 04, 2021:

November 07, 2021: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME.

November 11, 2021: Remembrance Day

November 24, 2021. First written report. (Second progress report)
Please call your child’s teacher and set up an appointment, between November 16-November 19, 2020.
If at the last parent teacher meeting you met with your child’s French teacher this time you will meet with the English teacher. If your child is being taught in one language, then you will see the same teacher. The teacher will not be meeting with you on alternate dates; neither will your child’s progress be discussed on the phone. These dates were handed out in July so please make yourself, available.
November 16-19, 2021: The three-year old’s will present a poem or song on space to their friends and teachers. Kindly help your child to do the project by himself/herself.
November 23-26,2021: The four-year-old will do a presentation on a ‘Visit to the planetarium’’. Kindly help your child to do the project by himself/herself.
November 24--26, 2021: Presentations by the five-year old’s will be on, a specific planet chosen by the child in the solar system. Help your child to do the project by himself/herself.