The Academy Montessori du grand Montreal was founded in 1993.

The school is located at 5500 Jarry East, in the borough of St. Leonard in the city of Montreal.

The Academy is owned and run by Mme. Rosemarie Rodrigoe.

It is a totally private organization that receives no subsidies from either level of government.

Mme. Rosemarie Rodrigoe received her bachelor’s in education and Masters in child psychology from the USA. She also possesses a Canadian college certification from Vanier College in Early childhood education.

She received her Associate Montessori International Diploma from, The Maria Montessori Training institute in Sri Lanka.  Mme. Rodrigoe has been in the Montessori Field for the past 46 years working both in the United States and Canada. 

Our goal at, The Academy Montessori du grand Montreal is to listen to the child who tells the adult, “Help me to do it by myself’’  Education of the child is done by the child.

This cannot be done by another individual but by the child.

The adult cultivates the child’s natural desire to learn.

We at the Academy achieve our goals by providing......

An intellectually challenging prepared Montessori environment.

Focus on the tremendous power of imagination through cognitive development using Montessori materials.

Development of social skills

Development of physical strength and coordination

Promoting a positive self image as the key to the development of their full potential

Respecting the rights of the children who will eventually learn to respect one another and develop a peaceful world for the future.